Glassine Paper

Suitable for bread or any other food products
28 gsm(Virgin Pulp)  
The size can be adjusted from 762 x 1016 mm

Competitive price

(Imported from Indonesia)

White Paper

Suitable for bread and/or any food products
30 gsm (virgin pulp paper)
This is the lowest priced paper for virgin pulp paper

Surface: Smooth on one side and rough on other side


Crepe Paper

Suitable for packing when moving

30 gsm (recycled paper)
About 400 x 400 mm


Unique large size

Yarned Crepe Paper

Suitable for metal wire and/or wire packaging. This type of paper is strong because it includes the sanded resin yarn inside the paper

110 g/m2
90 mm x 500 m


Recycled Paper

Suitable for bread or any other food products
36 to 45 gsm (recycled paper)
We can supply any size requested

This is the lowest price paper available